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Watch - Business Times Supplement 24/8/12

$1 investment on this Supplement gained $1m no less worth of Knowledge! very informative with lots of pictures. here i summarised 20 points for one's interests. as a beginner to Watch Collection, this document benefits me alot. Tks BT!

1.   as seen above: Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust in 18ct Everose Gold. quite unusual of Rolex!

2.   Omega became the Olympics' Official Timekeeper for the 25th time, 2012.

3.   China has overtaken America as the biggest market for luxury timepieces.

4.   Demand in Japan & Russia, traditionally big markets, are also reported to be picking up in 2012.

5.   Gold watches not only look great but are also good for investment.

6.   If you go swimming with your time-piece, make sure that it's water resistant to at least 200m.

7.   Rolex, perhaps the world's largest maker of luxury watches, has for a long time not sold limited edition 
      models to the general public.

8.   If you're buying a very complicated watch, it might be worth asking the manufacturer how often that 
      model should be serviced & what the service costs are.

9.   It must have been the world's toughest watch - The Rolex Deepsea Challenge - 11200m!

10. Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak, the world 1st luxury timepiece was designed by the late Gerald
      Genta in just 1 night, 40 years ago.

11. Omega - the world's biggest watch manufacturer.

12. Patek Philippe does not pay famous people to advertise its timepieces.

13. Patek still keeping its annual output at 50000 watches.

14. $ isn't Patek's top concern, but quality & value are. & also building up relationship & trust with its 

15. It sure looks like it in the grey market where second-hand dealers are turning away customers who 
      want to pawn or trade in their Panerais.

16. Iconic watches are therefore those recognised as flag-bearers of design for their brand:
 a.  Rolex Submariner 116610 & 114060M.
 b.  Omega Speedmaster 3570.50.
 c.  IWC Mark XVII.
 d.  Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.
 e.  AP Royal Oak ST15400 & ST15202.
 f.  PP Aquanaut 5167.
 g,  Rolex Datejust.
 h.  Omega Constellation Manhattan.
 i.  Chopard Happy Diamonds.
 j.  Cartier Santos.
 k. Panerai PAM III.
 l.  Seiko diver SKX007.

17. Vintage Watch - timepiece with historical significance have always had a particular allure to collectors.
 a.  The wristwatch you choose to wear reflects your personal lifestyle, taste & character. It makes a 
      quiet, but personal statement about who you're, where you're headed & how skilled you can be with
      time management.
b.  Vintage watches need not be prohibitively expensive.
c.  Quality vintage watches chosen with care will retain, if not increase in value over time.

18. Watch collecting is not about how expensive or big your collection is. It's a game, not a competition.
      A game that can only be played, not won as there's always a better watch out there.

19. Maurice Lacroix - baby in the centuries-old Swiss watch industry - 200 staff churning out some 90k
      mechanical timepieces yearly. 

20. We always wanted to put S'pore on the world map of watchmaking & have an international standing,
      but the barriers to entry are still high. Azimuth - made in Switzerland - S'pore.

hope you've enjoyed this page. more infor in my older page: Vintage Watch & What's The Time. 


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