Sunday, September 16, 2012

WaterFront Property

Water is Wealth. Property faces Sea is VVIP! No Seaview but other Water Views also Good, eg River, Reservoir, Swimming Pool etc. & Water View property always command a Better Price.

 Nice Design n most importantly Bungalows By The Sea is SeaFront! it's off Sembawang Park. 

 Heron Bay Executive Condo faces Serangoon River. it's all the modern features. Punggol Park is behind

Both these 2 properties are Impressive BUT on 99 Years Lease! You Don't Wish Your Grand Children to Remark that Why the Silly Grandpa Didn't Add one more 9, & now we've to shift!!! 
many years ago one Indonesian Chinese client expressed that Singapore was good at Reclaiming Land. today's waterfront, tomorrow Building Front!!!

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