Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vegetarian MoonCake, Gods & Ancestors

today's lunar 8th mth 15th day, Mid-Autumn Fest. traditionally chinese will pray to the Moon, Gods & Ancestors. many offerings were be made. MoonCake is a must.

perhaps my thinking is 1 kind. if you can afford to eat 'Gold Dust' mooncake, i feel that the same should be offered to your Gods or Ancestors. to me it's certainly Absurd to offer Them low-grade ones! 

as a 'serious' Buddhist, my Buddha & Ancestors are Vegetarians. every year this time, i'll be busy searching for Vegetarian Mooncake. some years ago had this experience. a salesgirl told me No Egg Yolk means Vegetarian lor! Ridiculous! what if Lard is used? to be safe, best to buy from Vegetarian restaurant. supermarkets do sell. some restaurants sell too. 

this's the second year i got fine Vegetarian Mooncake from the reputable Wo Peng Restaurant, owned by HK platinum master chef Ho Kok Fai. in addition to her standard flavour White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame (created by them when they launched mooncake sale last year), a new flavour Green Tea is added. pleased with both types. it costs about $43 before tax for a box of 4. 

Smile & Hope that tonight the Moon is Big, Round & Bright. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


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