Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chat: XiaXue & Pregnancy

Eh, Congrats Ah!
The Wedding Date i chose for u not bad rt! Its Auspiciousness of Baby worked well leh!
Admire your Do-Believe-In Traditional Custom attitude. U chose to disclose the baby news only after certain period. Good Girl. Who cares abt 'pan-tang'. Better be safe lor.
U n hubby can think hard about which English names for the baby but leave the Chinese names to the expert lah. Not to worry abt your angmoh hubby's Chinese Surname. I can easily coin 1. Done for many other race b4. Recently did for a French, Mr Fiat, ended up he shared same surname with 2 superstars, Fei Xiang n Fei Yu Qing! 
Collect names between 5-7 days $168, 3-4 days $228, next day $288. After the baby is delivered then contact me lor. Date/Hour of Birth n Gender of the Baby rqd. Your Chinese name oso rqd. U can oso highlight any words tat u like or dislike. Data by email ok. If u n hubby not free to come here to collect name, send your rep lor. Besides naming, will mention other impt infor. By email, fax or post can but might not be too clear. $50 surcharge. 
If your Doc says Caesarean is best then pse hah choose an Auspicious Date. For certain dates strictly not for op or 'chong' u n baby! $100 only. If it's natural birth yet u 1 2 pick a date, don't consult me! I always reject such job. Natural Birth is God's Will. Don't go against it.
Jus kpo abit: no cooling food, fruit n drinks. my malay kawan said mee rebus n bandung tak boleh, too cooling liao. Now trendy to eat durians hor! But traditionally pregnant time shouldn't eat or drink too heaty stuff. Wait baby hard to cum out. Confinement time, yes, very heaty very 'poh' stuff u must eat n drink. If u can wallop a bottle of cognac per day fine u know! Good for your health esp for the future.
During this period, no renovation including simple knocking oso cannot. Wait the baby have many birthmarks! Oso no needle work or cutting esp on the bed! 
Red events can attend. White events including visit the sicked cannot attend! Get some1 to give 'white-gold' on your behalf. If u see funeral wake pse walk away even if u've to detour 1 big round.
Ok, chat again. Take care. 

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