Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ill Health & Funny Property

Awful & Dangerous!!! not to frighten you: a relative lived in such same design, shortly her Health went Havoc then Left Earth!!! (not only her health left this planet, she too!).

this Chandelier is Too Big for this 540 sq ft (not sqm) apt! the diners below the lights must pray hard that its crystals, bulbs & perhaps the whole thing is screwed tight! 

i'm not saying that all must know or apply Feng Shui, but should have common sense. Artistic Level: 0!

from the Geomancy view, this Lollipop House in South Korea is OK. rule out its main entrance position. well locally unsure this can be accepted or approved by not only the owner but the authority. no harm to use Fruit as Theme. look at our Durian Centre! what if you like Mermaid, LOL!
Full Report in Life page, Straits Times, 22/9/12.

Yes very Arty! Odd Shape property is always a No No in feng shui. it can't hold Wind n Water ie Luck & Wealth. also Off Balance all Elements inc the Environment! wish all architects will go tru a basic geomancy course. full report in Life pg E19, ST 17/11/12.

O My God! Tomb Design for the Living! So Clamp! Skies Miltonia. although a 'geomancer' advt claimed that he owned a unit too doesn't mean anything good! if a property isn't up to basic good feng shui standard i'll reject to speak at its launch although the fee might be good. i've to be honest.

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