Thursday, February 26, 2009

21 Happy Happy

parents will joy w tears wen d child turns 21. birthday cake, $ 2 party, & importantly a KEY to freedom for d kid.
my child is 21 tis year. Cheong Geomancy Consultants is 21. d motto remains d same 'to make a better u'. policy remains d same 'door is open to all'
history n success stories can b found in other posts. wat i wanna share here is some new devt:
a very busy start, a very busy cny. worked till eve n opened shop on 2nd day. special interviews by the New Paper Sun & Ch Press. extra-ordinary Talk Prog for Hilton Asia Pacific GMs' Convention, Shangri-La Group of Hotels, Skal (intl tourism org), S'pore Hotel Assn's GM meeting at S'pore Flyer VIP Lounge, CitiGold.....
the no 2 person in a 5 star hotel shared d joy tat her catering sales team after feng shui broke 23 years of sales record! she said her GM tot tat d old record was unbreakable.
well, 2 yrs ago, janny n partners rented a 1000 sq ft plant n feng shui. now expansion, needed 1 more plant, 2000 sq ft. good news rt? but they r bargaining n bargaining for 'better price'!!! results had shown them. moreover they can afford it. moreover my fee is fine. moreover already 21% discount. moreover LV & Rolls Royce oso fixed price. haha eventually i got the job still! they checked w others but still felt most comfort w me.
oso launched Mah Jong w Luv. play MJ must oso tink of Charity. try 2 make tis a weekly event. pse see Mah Jong Caring n Sharing for more details. happy pong pong. happy HU!
cigar n white kopi blended v well. chat again soon folks.
to share birthday joy, all full feng shui job book fm now to 31/3/09 will get 21% off!!!!!

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