Friday, February 6, 2009


u c 777 n 3 pots where ur winnings will fall to? jackpot, poker n/or black jack will b d game in tis casino at marina bay. its design tells all!
wen tis design was released many geomancers were interviewed. including the gen public, many saw joss sticks, urn, tomb etc. its feng shui master who recommended tis design, mr chong swan lake, lastly explained tat it meant 2b 3 warriors! got d news recently tat mr chong passed off!!
now it really is altar with 3 joss-sticks, 3 urns, with lotus flower!!!
wen d 2 locatons 4 d IRs were announced in 2005, i was invited by d press to comment. preferred Sentosa 4 its surrounding water element. felt tat Marina Bay was Bull Horn, ie tight. BUT wen d designs were released, things became rather different!!!
Sentosa IR is just a cluster of Puzzle Game! very mild feng shui design as compared to Marina Bay. meaning Sentosa good feng shui site with mild design. Marina Bay soso feng shui site with power design. of course d Geomancy Interior Design matters alot.
well sentosa IR now more for family outing, play play. serious players for marina bay.

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