Friday, February 6, 2009


so glad to hv spore flyer here. biggest in the world as reported in the press.
its location at the south actually obstructed the luck energy entry fm d intl water! d spinning power spin off luck n energy 2. although in her literature, mentioned tat some geomancers highlighted the clockwise/anticlockwise effect, recently it's stalled for a period.
tats coz South was the Sick Zone last year. such illness really proved powerful enough to cause tis huge machine 2b sicked!
it recovered n in function on cny 1st day. south no longer the sick zone in 2009! capsule is wat they called the cabin. capsule sounded sick 2!
in HK, some geomancers suggested tat one who desires 2 Change of Luck shld board the ferries wheel coz tats d biggest Change of Luck tool. can tat b applied 2 d Spore Flyer? once d Casino nearby is in op, Punters esp luckless ones shld spin spin 1st n try luck again!!!

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