Tuesday, March 3, 2009


wow struck by lightning!!! really suay! really something! only bad chap will kenna strike! old tales said so! tot Merlion is a good guy tat work so hard for Spore, 24/7 somemore.
'the biggest feng shui office guy' selected the auspicious date/time for mr merlion to shift to the current postition some yrs ago. probably he selected the spot 2. even made sure tat our darling went over d bridge n not below it while crossing 4 luck reason.
it reminded long long ago, some1, believed 2b rev hong chuan, more famous as a feng shui master, advised the govt to place something at d old spot 2 channel in wealth. to please all races/religions, Merlion, was created. it worked wonder. good 2 move 4 d old spot sucked in sands instead of water, ie Wealth. take care Merlion, we Luv U.

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