Thursday, February 26, 2009


tis isnt just another Success case but a rather unique 1. read on folks.
Tim, a thin tall pale-looking smoker, came with his wife Mary, chubby smoker, chose their wedding date n feng shui their new flat, also did personal assessment, a year n a half ago. he told me he'll return to change his chinese name, for he felt tat his last 30 years was junk!
he came later. when naming is concerned, 1st Life as Destined must b checked: Good, Avg, B-low Avg. if he were a bb, i really dun noe how 2 tell d parents: 'best 2 give away tis child, if not get him god-parents, if not 2 change hse a few times, if not change name. for tis child's good for nothing. he'll fail in anything!!!'
he disclosed tat he nvr had career satisfaction although excel in many trades: f & b, handph etc. many big boys including his in-laws willing to offer him funds to run business but he rejected all due to 'no guts'.
on the eve of cny he came 2 collect his baby boy name. he told me a few mths ago he by chance returned to f & b trade. he applied for a post by chance & was made Outlet Manager of a western restaurant chain. he's very pleased coz many suppliers still remember him although he left f & b many yrs ago.
i shared w him tat i was very pleased 2 coz his bb life: 'will bring fortune 2 parents. good life.....' it's d opp of Tim. see, auspicious wedding date, feng shui, change name gave him a good baby. his Life is certainly Changed.

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