Sunday, April 27, 2008


Life's a Gamble.

No point to hv Casino on 1 side & Counsellors on d other! although i was extensively interviewed abt the 2 casinos, i dont play that way. oso geomancy many "mini casinos", punters & book-keepers (all types of games), stock broking houses etc.

MAHJONG - a great invention. who invented tis all time fav game worldwide??? now in some countries, it's helping the aged. HK & Taiwan are crazy over MJ.
my gdparents started tis mj chain. my granny was a famous player during her time. she hated to play w slow n cheap kakis. all my cousins are experts, they really play every nite after work & weekends with their own buddies.
Me surely loved d game. rather blur, since young cant understand the game but loved to watch. find it 2 complicated compared to card games. learnt fm a cousin till he fallen asleep. he's expert but poor coach. jus cant learnt even with the help fm many pple. no brain.
till a mth ago, my girl intro me to tis ONLINE site $ jus points to make kakis gay. now my son oso luv d game. it's good 4 maths, thinking........
HU many times 1 Color (pure suit). tis week Miracle happened. HU 3 times 13 Yao in a week! hu d 1st time a kaki said suay esp if in real game. hu the 2nd time, he said either suay or HENG. 3d time he said Very HENG!
is it tat way in real MJ? now hope 4 TIEN HU!
17 May 2008 Wat A Day! in d same game, 13 yao, 1 color, pong x9!
18 May 2008 Vesak Day, almost Tien Hu! Pong x10!
very often clients wanna noe the best spot for MJ in their homes. sure will do my best. in any pty there's tis spot known as GAMBLING 1/4. in additn to geomancy power, usually kakis will wear or prepare all kinds of Good Luck things.
once a gemstone seller told me tat a famous boss in the dept store trade who's oso a famous player always buy tis Green Stone from him. whenever tis boss gamble, he'll hv 2 bags, one $, one Stones. if he wins, it isnt u r lousy! his Stones disturbed your Energy oso provided him Extra Power. U lost 2 d Stones! how abt calling d Stone SHARON?

till here tis am. Happy MJ. dun forget 4D oso. cheers!

4D -
23 tickets in 4D, 3 top prize, starter den consolatn. at least 1/2 d populatn hope tat their nos will appear! to squeeze in even consolatn, call urself Lucky. the higher the rank d better ur Luck.
recalled tis Goh, his gate measured at d Side-Income area. he told me his biggest hit in 4D was a few hundreds K! in those time, wed 4D only once a mth. he bought a new car n drove to penang to test d power. forgotten 2 inform his regular bookie 2 bet on the new car plate. it turned out 3rd prize!!! fed up!!! tat wkend told his bookie to bet $20 on 24 combinatns. 3rd Prize. he won.
myself d most interesting win till now was a former pager nos, 1st 4 digit 1st prize, 2nd 4 digit 2nd prize on the same draw!
dun be shocked tat a no appear on sat will return on sun. must always buy publicly known nos of yours eg hse, ph, car. if such nos appear, buddies will ring up, n u say didnt buy!!!!
TOTO - 45 nos. tis game to win rqd Very Hi Luck. still worth betting coz 50cts 4 min 300k.

in 4D in particular, if u didnt win, it means tat some1 else rqd d $ more than u do! Y d same nos appear 2x in d same draw? coz $ no enough!

share w u my cousin's case: tis happened in the 80s. he loved a game or 2. he's a fty manager. 1 day a junior staff, malay, told my cousin tat he got an amulet tat gave Winning Power! he rqd his capital, a jt venture. they won many things, horses, mahjong, genting....... a year later the malay pal told his partner tat the amulet's power expired! the partnership ended.
with a few hundred K of winning on hand
, my cousin went solo! he converted a rm in his 4-rm flat to b betting ctr. with a few good-4-nothing buddies to help me. he accepted all kinds of bets. he went Broke 1/2 a year later!!! Worst! got 2 sell the pty & borrowed fm many to help pay d debts. he learnt a hard lesson.

special feng shui design is needed for Gambling!
in addtn, Lucky amulets/stones etc do help. your Lucky Color for Clothings (incl underwears) 2.

Happy Winning! pse remember always donate some winnings to Charity! HUAT AH!!!

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