Tuesday, April 8, 2008


THE HOUSE THAT HURTS (Lets c Wats Wrong w the Current 1)

A 2-storey corner terrace. Face Mountain. Arch liked Tomb entry w 2 potted plants on pillars made it more tomb like. St LIghts pointed in, sucked $ dried. Cable across gave Neg energy.
For No reason, Tom chose to enter d hse by a side dr which faces d Stairs meaning $ rushing out. Worst a st lamp there! Stove represents Career & Women Health exposed to Back Dr & Neighbor's Views.
All these + many minor factors truly enough to KNOCK them off.

A single-story terrace hse. Part of the Garden will make to create a Large Water Course, ie Swimming Pool (envy?). Backyard will be extended with Kitchen too.

Probably will be there after d renovation. More Updates then. Wat also Shocked me was d Price. You sell your Terrace Hse n go there to buy the Whole Est! Didnt see many Pretty Ipoh Charbos. They told me d Better Ones came Spore liao! China Charbos oso in Ipoh.

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