Friday, August 15, 2008


Moon Cake Cake Cake Cake, i eat it for bkfast, tea, supper, n dessert after meals. 2008 from Li Bai - Sheraton Towers, truly 5-star. hilton oso nice.
2009 tried Hua Ting, nice. in bejing shopping malls, abt the same price of hotels here. didnt buy any.

2010 Li Bai - white lotus seed paste w wolfberries n dried apricot (new): VG! Raffles oso VG!
ST Forum, Sat, 25/9/10: "i refer to ms sin chey cheng's letter on tue (seasonal delicacies: let's stick to tradition): concocting of new flavours for mooncakes is good, creative n challenging for its creators n for consumers. for the last 50 yrs, i've seen n tasted many types. life would be boring if for 50 yrs or more, there's only lotus paste."  
wen i was a kid, during mid-autumn fest, relatives n family friends were presented us w moon cakes came w those brown-paper carriers, lanterns, pamelo.... wish to hv 走马灯lantern.
best memory is my rich 4th uncle will personally delivered 大东 mooncakes to his eldest bro. his wife will come on another day to pass me lantern. after d departure of my dad, his wife took over d duty. in d 1st year of my marriage, my wife n i delivered moon cake to 4th uncle. he advised us not to do so coz "waste $". fm then on i followed his instrn. some yrs later, my aunt came w her 1st daughter-in-law to deliver moon cake. she tried to teach d younger pple to carry on d way. who knows the next yr, my mum received a call fm tat young lady to come dnstairs to pick up the cakes. tat annoyed my mum who's 大家sou! she rejected it. didnt noe wat went on but fm den on such traditn was avoided.
嫦er flew 2 d moon n made it her home. the spaceships n crew didnt c her. coz they didnt get permission fm the heaven god. wan 2 c den c meh!
moon cake, pamelo, yam n lengkok (black bull horn) made up d compelete set of mid-autumn goodies. u can add chinese tea 2. with all these offering some still pray to the moon on lunar 8th mth 15th day. 八月十五是中秋,有人欢喜有人愁,有钱人家吃月饼,没钱人家吃于头。
gone were d days of 南唐,大东,大同 mooncakes. 大中国 is still popular. 荣华 white lotus seed paste fm hk used 2b an in thing. nowadays many china n malaysian ones. flavours oso so many. most impressed was birds nests. last yr top of the town must b ice-cream moon cake.
dunno y i luv moon cake so much. dislike 莲蓉包, 五仁 和 豆沙月饼. moon cake w wine?

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