Wednesday, March 26, 2008


from 30/3 - 2/4/08 i'll be in Ipoh to Save this Family. tom n family bought a hse there abt 10 yrs ago. thereafter many brothers n sisters were seriously sicked! the old man a retired medium (tang kee) couldnt help. $ were quite dried. $ tom earned here isnt enough. he intro me to his younger sis for consultatn. ivy, an attractive girl. i'd call her the mini Gong Li. her x-husband must be blinded. her folks in ipoh is taking care of her child. well, ipoh is famous for pretty women. will confirm tat.

last yr they managed to sell tat hse n downgraded to a smaller one. according to tom tis one i'm seeing is abt the size of our hdb 3-rm. it's so small tat an extension is rqd. tis's VIP coz they planned to build the Kitchen outside the hse! kitchen esp stove means Career, $ & Women Health. how can all these be exposed!

will hv to cast my magic. will let u know the outcome after my return. how positive am i for tis mission? well i'm not Superman, Spiderman or Batman, i'm just a good feng shui man. my motto: We Make A Better U.

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