Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MahJong Caring n Sharing

i'm Not Promoting Gambling! 卫生与爱心麻将 only. here many mj lingo will b used to reflect mj mood. for other mj related cases pse refer to d pg Gamble. dun laugh tat i only learnt mj at tis mature age. n i learnt mj fm a website. many seasoned mj players told me tat it takes lots of luck 2 win 13 yao. Luck, in additn 2 fengshui, Luck come fm Kindness. how kind n charitable r u? me so so. in tat site, i might b d record holder of 13 yao wins! no $ jus pts. many happy enough.
play mj, happy lor. wat abt those sufferring? we happy, they sad. poor health, wealth, flood..... can we play mj n at d same time help? Sure Can! tat's d main pt of tis pg:
there's tis group of kakis, can b a club 2. they donate part of their winnings 2 d needy. i.e. U n I. how? my plan-in-brief: every session 'draw water' 抽水. eg $2 per round of east wind 东风. commercial game, i heard, $10. % of each win can oso 2 charity. Charity Game Theme oso can. 'draw water' $, $1 to charity, $1 to ' DC or CGC foundation'. haha, serious ok. we can even give a name 2 tis proposed group: 13 Wonders, MJ w Love, MJ Care n Share, AiXin MJ Club.....
i'm so impressed w tis HandCrafted or Made HK MJ A1 set i bought recently, $100+, fm chinatn. discounted liao. saw many at katong, marine parade, city plaza.... my 1st set was Traveller set fm MP. it's interesting 2 collect MJ sets. already asked HK relatives 2 bring over true HK MJ sets. bought Table already, ordinary ones. hv more $ can buy Rosewood type or they told me hv Auto Wash Cards type! now hv 2 antique sets, 1 yellow crystal set.
C i'm all rdy. how abt u? if u hv a heart n luv MJ, join me. Donate some winning 2 charity.
1st game went well on xmas eve. tks to ken, jason, billie, & winston. Charity Water for World Vision. more to come, more charity to benefit.
took part in an online mj contest in may 2009. round 1 must play 20 matches (1 match: 4 games). W 8, D 1, L 11. v interesting. top 64 players will play KO later.

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