Monday, March 23, 2015


You're sent by Heaven to make this little island called Singapore to grow & be successful. Your 50 years of hardwork admired by many. You called yourself the Salesman of S'pore. You're the Best. No You, No Country, No Home!

You not only built a nation, You also built a family. Your children are all very capable. Your love with Mrs Lee showed what's love. You & Mrs Lee were made in heaven.

You're the Best Dressed, Best Charisma & Best Looking Singaporean. You're our Superstar, our God.

You left us on 23/3/15. Heaven cried a few days. I urge the Authority to Declare March 23 as LEE KUAN YEW DAY. You made this Goat Year's Qing Ming Unusual.

I booked an oversea trip some months ago. About a month before departure, a Voice in dream told me to cancel it but I ignored it. Returned on 21/3. Watched your whole event.

91 is a ripe old age. It's a happy wake. You'd worked very hard & non-stop for 50 years. Time to Rest. All will remember You. You're the Greatest Singaporean. You're also One of the Few Greatest Humans on Earth.

Till 28/3, the few days of public mourning gathered over 1 million visitors, ranging from age below 1 to over 100! People queued many hours including overnight just to pay respects. All shapes & sizes in any health conditions turned up in very organised manner. Many offered free food, drinks, umbrellas etc. T-shirts, stickers etc with the Ribbon of Your Picture were made. 

No rule or fine to compel their attendance. They went with their hearts. No regulation that shops must be closed but many closed just for you.

On the 1st day, super-rich tycoon Mr Li Ka Shing came with his sons from HK. Bill Clinton, Henry K, & many others including King & Queen of Bhutan were here. Famous opposition leader Mr Chiam See Tong, 80s, came too with walking stick & aid.

Although it's a sad event, it's surely National if not International Event of the Year! The whole world acknowledged your contribution.

29/3, sudden heavy rain didn't stop Your Citizens from hiding off The Grand March Pass. As Your Son, the PM said: Heaven Opens Up & Cries For You! Water is Wealth. You gave us Wealth even on Your last day. Rain stopped after UCC function while You proceed to Mandai. Kind of Bright Sky. Some spotted Rainbow. 

I envy those who've met You in person before 23/3. Our meetings only in Dreams as I've recorded in another page.

Sir, your family were touched, your party & government were touched. No one expects such Love & Honour. You moved all Singaporean & the World!

7/4, Goddess of Mercy Birthday, in the news an Indian in India named his son Jeyaprakash Lee Kuan Yew! the father claimed that he's born on 23/3, 1pm, the day You left us. he knew nothing about You until he saw his village people bowed to your photo during a march pass. he felt you must be a Grand one so he used your name for auspicious reason! 

sad about it. Singaporeans love you but i'm sure as a respect no one will name his kids, grand-children or pet LKY. it's all right to use Kuan Yew. from the Chinese proverb, it means bring fame & glory to the ancestors. even if one has the surname of Lee, unlikely he'll call his son Kuan Yew. if one names his pet LKY, he's naughty.

9/4, realise that You, Rev Hong Choon, & Bruce Lee are the 3 Kings in modern history. Bruce, King of Kungfu, introduced Chinese marital arts to the West, passed off in 1970 at 30s, his sudden death till today is actually still a misery. Rev passed away on xmas day 1990 at 84, other than King of Buddhism, he's also King of Feng Shui. Sir, You're the King of modern politics.

The passing away of the 3 Kings moved the world. Their funerals were well attended by many VVIPs worldwide. Like Bruce & Rev Hong Choon, Sir Your legend will live on & on.

12/4, 10+ pm. Sir today is your 三七. Sad to hear that You put it in the will to demolish Your Oxley Road House! Trust all will respect Your wish. Pity! It should be kept. Well, I suggest to fulfill Your wish to tear it down BUT in future build a LKY Museum there. Sir, I'm not trying to disturb Your peace or Cheat You (who can cheat LKY?), like many others we feel that that's a Full Respect way to Honour & Remember the modern Founding Father! Hope the authority will consider my suggestion. 

I'll keep alive your NO NONSENSE Motto. Let me share my small but proud achievement as a Singaporean under Your Leadership. In the early 80s, founded S'pore's 1st registered angling organisation, the pioneer angling club. also wrote the nation's 1st fishing book, the right way to pond fishing. Just hoped to make angling a recognized sport. Was invited by the New Zealand Tourism Board to NZ to speak on feng shui at her 100 Years of NZ Tourism.

Like You changed a little dot to a big one. As a geomancer, I changed some small fish to whale, eg rigel, fargedala, coselec etc, including many hotels too. I spent a year with a NZ student here to help her in her research thesis in feng shui. She graduated with Master degree, and her research was published as Feng Shui in Singapore.

Sir, interestingly your 2 famous subjects of Garden City & Clean River coincides with the importance of Good Energy (Qi) & Water Feature (Wealth) in Geomancy. Paradox that the late famous Feng Shui Monk Rev Hong Choon of Bright Hill Temple was your Advisor. And the Merlion statue & $1 Coin were among his major contribution. Anyway under your leadership Singapore is a Blessed City.

At Your 60th Birthday function at National Theater, major Religious Leaders went on stage to Pray for You. What a Grand Blessing Ceremony.

Sir, You're the True National Treasure, & a Rare World Gem. There should be a Statue of You. (The Confucius statue you've is beautiful). Your Oxley Road House must be kept as Museum. Look forward to a LEE KUAN YEW DAY. Stamp, Currency Note & T-Shirt with your picture. Small Statue one can put in premises. Road, Building & Bridge named after You.

According to Chinese calculation, 29/3, lunar 2nd mth 10th day (Land God Day), isn't a good day for funeral but I believe for Your Great Honour, the God will make it a Blessed Day for All. It happened to be Your 1st 7th day, 头七. Apr 12 is the 3rd 7th day, 三七. I'll chant for You. May 10 is the 7th 7th day, 49 days, Journey Complete. I'll chant for You.


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