Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It's great honour that Sir Lee Kuan Yew came into my dream last night. Sir, feel free to drop by anytime.

i'm an unofficial dream psychic meaning i don't intentionally go to sleep & purposely dream of a subject. it comes naturally. this gift came almost 30 years ago when i learned Buddhism & Geomancy.

in dream i've been to heaven & hell. also met Buddha, Goddess of Mercy etc. what a gift!

so far my big dreams include: MH 370 (straight after its disappearance & follow up), Bruce Lee, & a Hotel along Scotts Road. smaller dreams include clients, relatives & friends. record can be found in other pages.

In the dream, Sir Lee Kuan Yew with more dark hair, dressed in white shirt & dark colour pants, no neck-tie or jacket. Only He & I were in a kind of classroom. He wrote 2 short sentences on the white board. Unfortunately, I can't recall that 2 sentences in its proper order. Could only recall not in any order 3 key words: Wrong, Nothing, Satisfying or Satisfactory. He stood, kept pointing to that sentences & said quite softly while I sat on a chair with table listened. The dream lasted for a short moment before He varnished.

Till now still can't figure out what He tried to share. Closest guess are Nothing Wrong to be Satisfying, Do Wrong Nothing for Satisfactory.......

If anyone has insights or explanation, please drop me a note.

24/3/15,   2.03pm

26/3, 1.55am:   Sir in the above look sat opp me & a lady fb friend. we're having mixed vegetable rice outside a modern coffee shop. He stood up & spoke or rather expressed in his usual style: What can I do now? What do you want me to do now?

2/4, around 3+ am:   To show more photos of people's feelings towards Sir on facebook.

 11/4, eve of Sir's 三七, 4+ am:   The same fb lady friend Ms A brought Sir out of danger in WWII. (could she be someone impt in Sir's earlier years & now reborn as Ms A?). Sir used to remit $ to his mum or vice versa when He's studying in UK. He, His mum or aunt & Ms A had a laundry shop that was actually used as Information centre during WWII.

5/5, 5th dream: Sir old, dressed in the old time white shirt & black pants, walked around my room for a few mins, (Sun, May 10, Sir's 7 7th 49th, Journey Complete). 

2/10, 6th  dream: In 2016, evening,  Sir wore a sky blue shirt (cant recall short or long sleeves), a rattan hat & beige long pants walked steadily with a few stout men (probably body guards) by the side of a nature reserve area, next to it was the main road. Someone on the road asked, & He remarked that He missed the SG 50 Celebration!

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