Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lee Hsien Loong, The Iron Man

Now you captain your team for the all seats contested General Election. Very hardwork especially without your well respected & beloved Papa. No worry, Sir. God is Fair. My vote including 5 more votes from my family will be for your Proven A Party. Due to health reason, my soon 90 years old mother can't vote but she keeps reminding us to vote for PAP.

8/9/15, 2.33pm.

Prime Minister Sir, firstly let me this ordinary citizen urges you to take good care of your health. The recent demise of your papa Sir Lee Kuan Yew meant alot to you & the nation too.

23/3/15, you read the news live on tv to millions announcing His departure. From your look above, one knows that kind of feeling in your heart. Surely it broke many hearts too.

As the eldest son of a family, the burden is heavy, especially of the reputable Lee family. You're very filial to follow your dad's footstep. Truly, in early years, many local & oversea people don't feel your capability as a politician. Well over the years you've worked very hard to prove them wrong. Your papa certainly felt pleased.

Pardon me to say, the departure of your first wife was a big blow to you. the kids too. Illness as well. But you managed through. I know you still loved her alot.

Next week will be a new chapter for the nation especially for you. I urge you to be strong, keep fit, and move on. Carry on your father's good work & name. We need you. Not coz you're His son. You've proven to be a capable Prime Minister & Leader.

May Buddha Bless You & Singapore.

24/3/15,   8.45pm

Hope you're well, Sir. Buddha will Bless you.

23/8/16, 7.45pm.

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