Sunday, March 22, 2015

1921 Phuket Patong Beach

sunset is worth the wait

 sky-balloon if you've the guts

sunny & windy

Patong is the most popular & vibrant beach in Phuket. About an hour from the airport. By taxi meter costs noting less than 800 baht! True enough as some commented that the cab driver will drive you to tour shop. Mine went to ask direction of the hotel. The lady there tried to sell me all kind of tours. Regret declining her offer to taxi me from the hotel on return trip! Only 800 baht. I was wrong to think like in Bangkok where proper taxi is everywhere. 

OMG! Such Tuk Tuk Taxi is most common, & it can transport you to the airport! Open air up & down the hill over zig-zag bends to the airport! Will cost you around 1000 baht! Common transport mode next to motorcycle. Bus & proper taxi uncommon. Roads are always busy but once you put up your hand, vehicles will slow down or stop for your crossing.

Along the main road of the beach has many shops that offer anything you want. Bargain is a must! Try from half the offer price unless sign says Fixed Price. 

Good to explore all side roads day or night.
Lots of Western food available likely coz Westerners are still the island's biggest visitors. Not many street food hawkers. Don't expect very cheap food.1 small european style restaurant serves Singapore Sling cocktail!

Lucky I brought this cookies along
In the middle of the famous Bangla road is a lane that has several local F & B at reasonable rates. End of it is the Toilet. 
K & K operated by this couple was where I ate & drank coffee most. Infact met & chat with a young
yunnan couple that honeymoon in Phuket! Can't believe it, honeymoon!

Recommended by the lady boss, Fried Fresh Flower Crab with Yellow Curry. Only S$7.00 for 1 crab.
I didn't ask for the Water with Lemon slice to wash hands or Tool to remove shells but they came. Nice food & good service. 
If there's companions, would have ordered the Giant Squid, Big Fish, King Prawns.........

Nescafe Coffee C, 80 sg cts only! Water is free.
Right turn at the end of Bangla rd. Opposite lies the Upmarket district that needs no further introduction. Many international & local brands. Expensive Eats, Massage & Spa too.

No visit to Bangla Road is you've not visited Patong or Phuket! A road of Sin! Not Recommended for Kid especially in the Night.

 She stands Tall nightly. Poor thing!

Fri nite. Some pubs have No Luck.

 I ran off not wanting the over-exposed samba dressed LadyBoys to grab me for payable photo shoot
Popular Thai Boxing Team patrolled the street

At the corner of Bangla rd, an Italian man owned fine Coffee bar. It sells Liquor & Ice Cream too.
 Black Coffee 50 baht. Burmese Staff.

Several new Properties available

Outside Keeta Patong Beach Guesthouse. No interior to show. Just a basic decent hotel with air-con, hot n cold water bath, ctv, fridge, safe, wardrobe, water bottle, bath/shower gel... Nice & comfortable big bed. Compliment must be given to the owner Ms Bo. She rang & booked a proper cab a day before I departed, 800 baht. It came 15 mins earlier. Can't imagine going to airport in Tuk-Tuk Taxi! Ms Bo gave good advice. House-Keeping was fine too. She mentioned that the hotel will go through full renovation in a few month's time.

No issue in S'pore Airport. Only that on return flight, the Seats of the Tigerair plane can't be adjusted! Well, in Phuket Airport, her Terminal 2 is like a small godown at the basement. After checked in luggage, went to level 1Terminal 1 for Passport & check in proper. Only 1 Water Point at Phuket airport & it's out of order!

Phuket Airport Cafe
I stayed from Mar 19 to 21. The transport & costly shopping & dining surprised me! Too dear to travel to other parts of Phuket. Very Hot! Rather disappointed! Quite different from the package tour I went a few years ago. For this trip I felt I've helped many in Phuket, eg bought clothing from a Mute middle age lady who managed a big shop. Maybe I don't know how to enjoy Phuket. During quiet time, it made me think about my family.

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