Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Lose Small!

often home feng shui clients wish to know where to put the mahjong table. besides the location of the table (lucky area of the place for the owner), One Must Know His or Her Lucky Colour, Area, Date/Time, & Product Type eg Currency, Stock etc too before even Think of Winning or Step into a Casino, Broking House or Online. also don't forget to carry with you your Lucky Charm.

if you can get yourself prepared so is the casino for eg. very often we heard the door top of that casino shaped like a chopper! they might also have the biggest Wealth Eater lucky animal eg Pixiu hidden somewhere! it's common for casino legal or illegal ones to engage Geomacers

someone asked who'll make more money, RWS or MBS? my reply was if you merely want to pass time go Sentosa. if you're a serious player go Marina Bay. 1 reason is coz the Feng Shui in MBS wasn't completed. her master passed off suddenly. whereas the job in RWS is finished.

recall a relative: with a friend who got a Winning Spell, they really won alot, by the hundred thousands in oversea casino. their winning combination went on for about 2 years, till 1 day his pal broke the partnership coz the Spell expired. with so much cash, my relative partnered with some new pals. he converted his home to be a book-making base for horses & matches. in less than a year, he went bankrupt! 1 of the main reasons for his failure was his home wasn't set up for that Gambling function the Feng Shui Way!

for your easy understanding, i offer the following Wealth Enhancement Package:

1a. Proper Channel $200 (in your home, Lucky Area for Career)

1b. Investment Channel $400 (in your home, Lucky Area for Investment/Speculation)

2.   Area (your general area eg North, sit/sleep facing)

3.   Colour (for clothing, decor, car, phone etc)

4.   Investment Type $400 (Stock, Forex including what type of counter eg F & B, Metal)
5.   Date/Time per lunar month $488 or $188 per week

your date of birth is required for the above analysis. all consultation will be P & C. 

With the above, You're Ready & Protected, How To Lose Small is certain ie You've Won Big Already! Good Luck!



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