Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Blessings 五福临门

very often we hear one says or wishes you Five Blessings. what exactly is it? 

my friend's 90+ years old dad passed away recently has in a way prompted me to relook Buddhist Mr Chen Bai Da's chinese book of the same name. although my pal's dad, a retired businessman,  lived to a very old age, he suffered on the bed for about a decade with all kinds of illness. it turned out to be from bad to worst! last few years he's bedridden & the maid helped him in shower, toilet & feeding. about 2 years ago he's put on tube to consume milk only. a few days before his departure, his limbs turned purple with swollen fingers & toes, & eyes near popped out! (my friend cut short his oversea trip & returned soon he received a call about his dad's condition. they managed to meet). he's very wealthy but very unhealthy. why?

a week from now is the Holy VESAK Day, it gives me more reasons & motivation to extract some important points from Mr Chen's Five Blessings writing.

1. Longevity 长寿  who want short life?

2. Wealthy 富贵    who want to be poor?

3. Healthy 康宁     who want to be sicked?

4. Virtue 好德        kindness & charitable.

5. Good Death 善终 best to die in sleep.

the above 5 points are inter-link. i need not elaborate in details for i trust you're capable of understanding the inner meaning. under point 3 Healthy, someone even add in Easy Birth Delivery into it. just imagine an aunt went through 12 hours of labour pain! 

whatever is your Religion, i believe by adding in Geomancy will surely be able to create Five Blessings. 

7/5/14, 5.08pm

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