Monday, April 28, 2014

What's Your Maid Eating?

in response to sunday times, 20/4/14, ms zuraidah ibrahim's article:

'you eat what we eat is always my family's first word with any new maid. of course for indonesian helper we don't expect them to eat pork, char siew pau or ba kwa. 

most of our maids put on weight after working with us. 1 maid her weight went from 60 to 65 kg after barely 3 months with us. from then on whenever we asked her have you eaten? her reply was sir, don't want eat, don't want fat! another one when her contract was near finished & soon to return to her homeland, looked worried & told us that she afraid her mum might not recognise her due to her increased size. we always heed indonesian maid's request for chilli padi. to maintain her slim figure, our x filipino helper ate little. another one not only shared our meal, she enjoyed our snacks, sweets & chocolates too. to her halal or not never mind. with the new & current myanmar maid, we cook more rice because she eats quite alot of rice on top of the myanmar dishes she cooks.

we encourage our maids to cook food of their nationalities. not necessary they cook chinese food. my family enjoys food of different culture. in fact maids benefit by learning how to cook chinsese food. it's surely an asset to them.' 

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