Thursday, May 22, 2014

SouthEast Asia & 3 Bi (三碧)

Unlucky Star 3 Bi brings Trouble-Maker, Gossip, Legal Issue, Losing Money & Accident. In 2014 Horse Year, it's in South-East of the world. In general, it comprises of Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. I always like to add in Australia & New Zealand as they're in the extreme South-East region.

So far, many of the above countries have some kind of major troubles & misfortunes. Malaysia's missing MH 370 (earlier blog Dream of MH 370), Vietnam's anti-China, Thailand's Military Coup, and so on. now, 18/7/14, MH 17 of Malaysia was shot down! both MH 370 & MH 17 have the figure 7, chinese don't like 7 as it means Death!

In Singapore, the South-East region generally covers Geylang, Jalan Besar, Lavender, Balestier, Little India, Serangoon, Bendemeer, Boon Keng etc.

To curb the Bad Energy of Southeast, it's ideal to place White Tiger, Hulu, Amethyst or Kirin at that area or facing Southeast. The first two items certainly are high power power tools. If you're in or have to go that area, & wish to be positive, can consider to wear one or have it in your bag.

22/5/14, 10.30pm  

Australia! Extreme South-East region. MH 370 disappeared in that region. MH 17 has most passengers going there for an event!   6/8/14, 8pm. 

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