Monday, August 4, 2014

Naming for NewBorn, Adult & Company

Naming whether for NewBorn, Adult or Company is Hardwork. 

Recall a case almost 20 years ago: a pregnant lady in her late 30s came crying for help. she wanted not only an Auspicious Date for Caesarean & Naming for the future 2nd boy but the Assurance that these 2 jobs will reverse her bad life! she didn't choose a good date & name for the 1st delivery some years go. shortly after the boy was born, her hubby's business went bust & owed much money! he'd no choice but went into illegal dealing. so unlucky that the boat that carried duty unpaid goods sunk. another misfortune was the big boss who was on his way to pass him some black money died in a car accident! he went into hiding. no assurance. i only do my job the way it should be. a year later, she contacted me with positiveness

A good name not only must balance the newborn's elements & number. of strokes, more importantly, it must fits & suits his life. No point giving him strong name like Kuan Yew whereby he's too 'light' to carry it. On the other hand, a 'strong' kid shouldn't use light name like Xiao Ming.  He'll float.

Of course, the name must sound nice & meaningful too. Don't forget to blend in the surname. Example Zu Gong is great name but if the surname is Li, that would sound awful!

The name will be base on chinese pronunciation, & not dialect.

Date & Hour of Birth, & Gender of Newborn, chinese names of parents, & siblings (if any) required. You can also highlight any word you like or dislike. Well, if your ancestor's book insists to use certain word, we're afraid we might have to reject your job. For that certain word might be harmful to your kid. Will not do, if it's natural birth but you want a good date to operate & deliver it. Don't go against God's will.
Usually we'll provide several middle words to match with the last words for selection. It isn't our style that you pay more get more names. We'll provide whatever possible. Hanyu pinyin & word meaning will be given. also what to take note/avoid too. 

$200 if collect name after 3 days. $300 to collect the next day. 

If it's a Caesarean case, an Auspicious Date/Time is highly recommended. Date of birth of the parents, & operation period needed. $100.
Top up some $, Ideal Study Stream/Career Type/Area & Lucky Colour will be provided.

Unless you're from oversea, otherwise we discourage naming by email. Lots to explain. 

Company Naming is another of our expertise. Rigel & Avaplas are pleased with their Chinese Names. Fee will depend on whether it's proprietorship, partnership, pte ltd. P.O.A. 

Change of Name or Name Select for Entertainer & Writer too. Other Race eg German, Japanese, who wish to have Chinese Name, can be done as well.

Good Name brings Good Luck & Good Fortune.

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