Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jurong Lake District

in the early 80s, i travelled from geylang to jurong lake to fish. gave that up after a few visits coz only fished up tilapia and rubbish! no sign of soon-hock (marbled goby) or snakehead fish though many claimed such prized catch existed. 

the beauty of jurong lake are free fishing and convenient location. that's from an avid angler's point of view. i founded s'pore's first registered angling organisation, the pioneer angling club. also wrote the nation's first fishing book, the right way to pond fishing. 

it's heartwarming news that this lake although man-made will be revamped. although i've retired from fishing, please keep the sportsfishing there alive! the pioneer angling club was invited by pub to try out reservoir fishing before it's officially open to public. well fishing in jurong lake should permit live bait & unlike reservoir only confined to articial bait, commonly called lure. for live bait, eg dead prawn, is certainly better than lure, eg spinner. although lure can spin liked a live fish or prawn, it lacks the smell that lure the catch. 

some years ago attended a mid-autumn mooncake festival event at the chinese garden organised by the rc. due to her chinese architectural design, it blended very well with the chinese event.

since 1988 till now, i'm a geomancer, thus the creation of jurong lake district is of great interest.
historically, in china, japan & korea, many national buildings & landscapes were designed according to feng shui rules. well, in any chinese community in any countries, geomancy is there in one way or another. 

i wish the relevant authorities will input at least some feng shui into this mega project. dr evelyn lip, former head of nus architectue dept & author of several geomany books is one non-commercial sifu to seek advice from. well, not forgetting to have auspicious date & time for first renovation, open new water course, soft launch, official opening etc.

look forward to this new water & garden district of the nation. water means wealth!

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