Monday, July 14, 2014

2017 Auspicious Wedding Date

often couples come with 'dream date' for their big day, eg birthday, rom anniversary, 1st date etc. i'll try to work on their request. VIP, the proposed date for their ceremonial wedding must be in harmony with the date of birth of them including both side parents.

another common request is the wedding date ideally be on weekends. well this's to convenient the guests for the banquet. i'll try but no promise. VIP, the date must be auspicious & suit the couples & families, in material it's weekday or weekend. moreover some guests even on a weekend might come unhappily coz he or she actually wishes not to be invited. if the guest is pleased to attend the wedding, even on an odd monday, will come gladly. 

if to trace history, auspicious date is even for the man to propose the marriage, meet the parents, engagement etc. now in the modern society the following functions are to be observed:
  • Registry of Marriage (once you sign on the paper, you're Husband & Wife, even the ceremonial or chinese wedding were to be a year later). anything can happen if Inauspicious date were used.
  •  Ceremonial Wedding (time to fetch the bride, tea ceremony etc).
  • Gift Exchange (the man brings all the goodies to the girl's side).
  • Bed Placement (decorate the bridal chamber & set up the Bed).
Auspicious Date will bring all the Good Luck to the couples & families. Good Kids too.

Xiaxue the famous blogger's ROM date was changed by me! see earlier post Xiaxue I Do.

i've the know how to pick dates for the future & not wait till the almanac to be printed. example now i'm ready to select DATE for 2017. such work benefit many couples as well as venue operators.

get in touch with me if you wish to have early & the best dates! 

consultation is by appointment only, 11am to 9pm daily. on-the-spot selection. english or chinese date of birth of the couple & parents needed. ph 67450023, email

Happy Wedding

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