Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ghost Festival & SG National Day 49

usually the chinese 7th month Ghost also known as Hungry Ghost Festival falls in August which happens to be SG's National Day period. this year's interesting for national day aug 9 is on lunar 14th day. Hell Gate Open Date!

in taoism Getai (stage performance), the front row is left vacant. it's meant for the Visitors from Hell to watch the show! will the NDP organiser prepare that too since the national day parade is on the Grand Day? so if you were to be at the parade & spot 1 special row of empty seats, don't chop it happily. it isn't mean for Living Being!

also at the parade, don't anyhow smile to the one next to you. for your neighbour might tickle you with tongue 3 feet long! it's their month, they call the shot!

the good ones are granted early release, maybe 1 weak earlier. on the last day of the 7th mth, all are supposed to return. well, many will try to escape, AWOL. Hell is a Hell place! they'll hide near/in tree, better still Vacant Property! Don't leave your house vacant in that month! they'll become PR than legal owners. and you, tenant! 

after that month. the Hell Guards, commonly known as Ox Head, Horse Face, will come to earth to hunt the runaway ones. if your luck is very very low, best don't stay out late in the night..... for the guards might mistaken & take you away!

interestingly, in Buddhism, lunar 7th month is Buddha Happy Month. in the old school, devotees can invite Monks to stay at their premises. 

27/7, lunar 7th mth 1st day: i could sense that "They" are strong/fierce this year! don't come home late in the night. best by 10pm. if you can't then pray hard, wear/carry amulets, jade or crystal. stay away when see people burn offering as you might be obstructing 'Them". walk carefully. don't step on ashes of the offerings. my neighbour's young daughter stepped on them. from then on hardly grow & became insane! bring in hang-out clothes by sunset. belief that "They' might stick to it! 6.12pm.

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