Wednesday, April 14, 2010


famous blogger xiaxue i do on 13/3/10. blessing to her n her handsome white hubby mike for accepting my suggestion of not using their org inauspicious date 14/3. admire this new age modern couple for giving respect to something ancient. bravo! credit mus oso goes to vernetta lopez n her wedding planner team for ensuring the best for the couple. jus a light note, 13/3/10 is Sure Live Live Sure, oso Sure Give Birth Give Birth Sure, whereas 14/3/10 is Sure Die All Sure! of course i dun use such Number Sound to select date. it's their dob n the Auspiciousness of 13/3/10 tat counts.
Happy Romance Folks. pic shows Luv Bonding Locks at Great Wall of China. Luv long like the Great Wall!

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