Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fierce Casino MBS

 'MBS blames bad luck for profits dip' in ST, 5/5/11. wat to do, master chong died b4 it's done. oso showed his so-called student fm usa lacked knowledge. dec 5, SuT, reported wat geomancers advised punters to wear &/or bring, work! more error by mbs in following notes. maybe i could help mbs. 

Very Fierce Design! mass gaming floors of marina bay sands. 天罗地网,血滴子,鸟笼,天璇地鑚!Heaven Trap, Head Cutting Weapon, Bird Cage, Blank Mind. on the mild side it might be Incense or Mosquito Coil!
your consolation is the casino opened on 27/4/10, lunar 3rd mth 14th day, Average - day, 3.18pm although sounded nice but Inauspicious hour. the day good for the Goat, bad for the Ox. licence was given on the Very Inauspicious Day of Mdm 3rd Lady, 26/4/10, 三娘煞! the proposed official opening date is 23/6/10, Average - day, good for the Dragon, bad for the Dog. not suit Come Out $, & Open 'Business'.
the colour to Combat her theme colour of Yellow, LV Sands from the West, would be Red &/or Blue. thus for better luck & clearer mind, wear Red &/or Blue. in addition to any other auspicious items u carry, u might wish to bring penknife, razor blade, scissors, axe, chopper to symbolise in cutting the trap, cage or net.
from 2005 till now i've been frequently interviewed, asked, & invited to talk abt the 2 IRs. i hope the student of the late geomancer chong swan lake, who died suddenly before MBS was completed, would give future Date Selection or remaining feng shui design of MBS more care.
the much talkabout Altar design spookly reflects that chong prepared for his own Altar ! so dun be surprised tat He watches while u play!

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