Monday, April 5, 2010


green is wealth oso health. blue is water tat make green grow. yellow is sun oso help green. yellow + blue = green. with d stimulation of desert rose, found in earlier post fortune flower 1-3, green is a serious hobby now. choose qing ming day to create tis page for tis festival gets d family together to visit the tomb to trim green, oso filial piety.

my parents r green lovers too. they planted v nice orchids. some exotic ones were stolen. my mum foto w a pot of rare orchid by prof fotographer. in later yrs they'd bonsai too, hokien tea n shui mei. my dad even created racks at d corridor garden jus to get more sunlight. interesting to hv common hobby by couple. 

in tis virgin page i'll intro Bonsai Garden of Shuang Lin Temple, 184-E Jln Toa Payoh. rare, exotic n huge in big area. truly worth ur visit.


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