Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Rev Fa Quan founder of Man Fatt Lam Temple, 211 Old Bedok Road passed away on Qing Ming day, 5/4/10, 96 yrs old. If Bonsai were created by Monks, Rev Fa Quan really lived to that. In my 20+ years of buddhismship with the Rev, have seen her many Landscape & Bonsai creation. Pictures here some of her great effort.

She intro me to Rev Dhammajoti, a Malaysian Chinese High Monk, now stationed in Sri Lanka, to take Refuge from, when i was ready to become a Buddhist. To thank me for bringing out many Sutras from the library to the open for sunlight, & guiding them for a few days, she presented me a large piece of Buddhism Art. Now hang at my place.

Rev Fa Quan was also active in Charity. She even built Temple in China. In the younger years, Man Fatt Lam took in many old folks & orphans. Her disciple, Rev Yan Ming, is my 2nd child, Sophia's godmother. Both Sifu & student intro many clients to me.

This pioneer Nun will leave for Bright Hill Temple this Sun. Rev Fa Quan will be missed by many. Happy Nirvana!

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