Tuesday, March 31, 2009


a time to remember our ancestors. in eng, 'all souls day'. it mayb lunar 2nd or 3rd mth, spring. this yr, lunar 3rd mth, 31/3 -28/4. actual day 5/4, lunar 6th day.

in old china day, there's spring-autumn visit. 2 times to visit ur ancestors. autumn would b lunar 9th mth 9th day. well, now in new world even china doesnt quite care abt 99! sporean lagi tidak apa!

dun mix up tis w d 7th mth fest. tats 4 unwanted or hungry ghosts! pse c d other column 4 details.

it's perfectly ok to marry in qing ming. infact many pple luv to get married in lunar 9th mth, '4ever'! well, d sentiments mayb 2 strong if u marry on the actual qing ming day. can we say 1 week b4 n after qing ming day?
surely ur ancestors would b most glad to know ur marriage, open shop, buy property etc.

understand tat 4 new deceased, d 1st qing ming visit is always done early.

Happy Qing Ming folks! Decent Wearing Expected! No low-cut, tank top, hot pants, mini skirts, shorts, see through.....

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