Tuesday, April 21, 2009


think den say. in no order: quite long ago attended Buddhism class, recall Rev Wai Kong, d teacher, highlighted tat dun comment on any monk or nun right or wrong doing......

rev ming yi, d star of buddhism circle: RI boy, only son, eng speaking monk in ch buddhism 0.
in an interview some yrs ago mentioned tat he drove bmw 7 series coz tat'll make thing easier!
in d recent case, abt misuse of charity $, many credit cards, branded goods, stay in big hotels......
he felt he cant say no to request, modern sty, last longer, treat himself better......

buddhism teaches us to live a simple life, wisdom...... Hmmm, it isnt easy to follow esp ord folks. many religious leaders in other religions also failed!

try to understand, accept his pressure to run temples & ren ci hospital; his effort in charity show telecast live. many many including spore buddhist federation look him as d Superstar to bring Buddhism to the next level! pressure n pressure. No One is a Saint! Bad Feng Shui will Cause Trouble. Good Feng Shui will Create Miracle.

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