Saturday, March 7, 2009


u saw sophia loren at d recent oscars. so gt a french lady tat i named my 2nd girl after her. my 1st girl was named anita, & son winston. guess after who? clue: not sarawak, not choo.
my sophia jus got her 'A' level result: A for maths, physics, chem, econ & chinese, & B for gp! temasek jc.
'O' level: A1 for comb humanities, geog, maths, add maths, physics, chem, chinese, & A2 for eng!
tanjong katong sec sch.
some top brain buddies told me tat w such results she can do anything!
sophia was a EM1 student. in pri 5, the nearby sch was 2b shifted. to us to a faraway pl. since faraway might as well put her 2 a better sch. i was prepared to shift near to tat better sch. contacted chij, ai tong, maha bodhi, & kong hwa. no vacancy. eventually she joined canossa cvt as a student migrated. wat a blank to fill. although we r buddhist, no mind a catholic env. her eng n reading habit became stronger.
she's d last batch of psle student 2 use d 'tinkam' method. apply sch 1st, result later. her avg marks was 240+. d previous yr most schs including d top ones revised marks dn. wen she got 245 we tot she got into cedar, cut off mark 242. many were disappointed! tat yr most schs revised up. sophia ended up in tanjong katong sec sch. next dr was tkgs. she qualified 2 appeal but she n friends liked the given choice.
fm pri to sec 2 her position was between 10-15. sec 3 she opted for sci but double n not treble. less stress they said. oso she gave up higher ch in sec. less stress again! after mid-yr exam in sec 3, sophia told us tat she tot she came in 1st. good news but abit shock to us. she really came in 1st. mayb sitting position good feng shui. (i cant control tat in sch). i gave her a bigger gift n challenge tat if she maintain 1st in d final, i'll double the reward, eg $50, $100 etc. she won! rt till 'O' lvl, she 4x the prize $!!! 1st in class, 3rd in std!!!
with avg pts of 5 she qualified for NJC or can even try Hwa Chong or RJC. parents r all like tat. n kids reply would b 'u like, u go study there lor'. she chose to remain in TJC. didnt even consider VJC. although we live near both.
with d new system of H1, H2, H3, i oso blur. my time was principal/subsidary subjects. intro her to Econ. told her tis new subject is v interesting. she dropped geog although was her fav. no regret.
recall she luv reading n read big books. she read dan brown, long b4 da vinci code was made into movie. near 2 her 1st mth of birth, we brought her to our fav temple. d asst chief nun liked sophia so much tat later on became her 1st god-child. in pri sch, sophia was a librarian. in sec sch, girl guide. in jc, chinese orchestra n leo club. sophia did v well in cca.
i'm so pleased n proud tat she got no tuition. not tat we wanna save $. she felt she didnt need it. her cousin, 1 yr younger, received specialised tuition fm pri 1 till now jc 1!!!
if u were me, am sure tat u'll write a pg or 2 abt ur child 2. best rgds.
in the mean time, let's see wats Sophia next move. Buddha Bless.
u might ? tat as the child of a geomancer she were hv advantage. honestly quite true. i can advise on bed/sitting positions, study area (wisdom pt), colour but as earlier expressed i hv no control in sch.

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