Thursday, August 11, 2016

An Unexpected Date in Bangkok

the original plan by Thai friend Tech was to visit Phya Thai Palace Museum of the well respected King Rama 6th & had coffee at its stylish cafeteria followed by dinner at Siam Paragon or Central World but more affairs happened!

 Educational Tour with Tech as Interpreter

 Extremely Artistic
 King's Chamber

It lives in the Palace

after the Palace Tour, casually mentioned to Tech i yet to visit Temple of Dawn & The Marble Temple although already visited many other major Temples. immediately the lovely lady said let's go to The Marble Temple! Wow she fulfilled my wish! we grabbed a cab again.

 White Marble were used extensively 

 B$20 entrance fee. Proper Dress Code

 Lovely Tech donated

sudden downpour. all roads jammed. no sign of cab. Tech advised to catch a Bus & BTS! virgin time for me to board a Bus & BTS! we're lucky the Air-Con bus came. very packed. reminded me of old days S'pore, paid cash to the Conductor & Ticket was given. still have old SG bus tickets.

alighted near BTS Siam. Q to get change to get ticket. without Tech i were be lost. 1st time experience. arrived at Central World. headed to the no Q Japanese Restaurant. 

Thai Lady, SG Man, Jap Food, Western Coffee for Int'l Harmony
we love coffee but starbucks was full so headed to coffee beans. for this outing on 9/8 SG National Day, i thank Tech wholeheartedly. she's a Great Host. Good Karma for Her.

will share other events of this 4D 3N trip with photos 

 2 Hrs Q BKK Airport

 New Walkway off Central World

 Must Visit 4-Face Buddha

 Must Eat 


 New Croc Strap

 Must Drink

 Revamped Pantip IT Mall


 Best Beef Soup by Hawker

 Better than many SG Chicken Rice

 1x Foot, 3x Body Massages 

 Bacon Fried Rice BKK Airport

 Good Dinner

Thai Red Wine at BKK Airport

 Although missed SG National Day, I'm still a loyal Singaporean

Lucky Me: after i boarded the cab at the BKK airport, heavy downpour. about reaching the hotel, the rain stopped. after visiting the 4-Face Buddha, had dinner at a street hawker. rained half way eating. there's canvas shelter. rain stopped so was my dinner. returned to hotel not at all wet. 1st day was Aug 7. Thai voted. Also 1st Anniversary of Erawan Shine bombing. All went well & Peaceful. Buddha Blessed Me.  

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