Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why Go Oversea?

 Feng Shui Rigel's China Plant

 LadyBoys Show Phuket

 Grilled Lobster Phuket

 NightLife St Phuket

 Famous Beach Phuket

 Croc Briefcase BKK

 Cultural Shock BKK

 Cheap Shopping BKK

 Famous 4-Face Buddha BKK

 Relax BKK

 Lens Changed in Batam, $60 in 4hrs. SG Treble.

 Temple Visit BKK

 National Food & Gift BKK

 Invitation by NZ Tourism Board

 World Biggest Sleeping Buddha BKK

 Bright Sky & Buildings BKK

 Common Phuket Scene

 Dongguan My Roots China

 Best Roasted Goose in Dongguan

 Roasted Pork & Shark Fins BKK

 King Rama 6th's Palace

 Must Massage BKK

 Mega IT Mall BKK

 Visit Friend Sawadee Krap

 Big Buddha HK

 Good Dried Seafood Guangchow

 World Heaviest Solid Gold Buddha BKK

 Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha BKK

 Duty Free Purchase

 Accompany Pal to Batam

 Fruit Plantation Malaysia
 Feng Shui House in Ipoh

Love Locks Gt Wall of China

a pal asked why always go BKK, what's the attraction? common reasons for travel include Work, Relax, Shopping, Food etc. some go for Theme Parks, Religious Visits, Historical Buildings etc. Of course some head to Exotic Food & Activities.  some visit Friends & Relatives.

an uncle joined the China Eating Tour by Restaurant Assn. he complained the leisure visit to view mountain & river was wasting time! another relative only likes Shopping in Modern Cities. someone returned from Halong Bay & remarked so slow moving, & she witnessed robbery! 

my HK relatives know SG very well. they call & pop over the next min! a friend who settled down in USA comes SG every alternate year to visit her relatives & friends. they also witness the rapid change of the Lion City. someone wishes to watch F1 & Concert here.

2 years ago brought a good friend to BKK. that's his virgin flight! although he's relatives in Sydney, never been there before for he didn't want to trouble them though was invited. picked BKK coz i'm quite familiar. his only request was don't catch flight before 9am for he afraid can't get up that early. also maybe no cab at 6 am! he lived in Sengkang. had few meetings with him before booking. explained to him Pratunam was like Bugis, Siam Sq meant Orchard Rd etc. told him what to expect.

in these 2 years other than church activities to Malaysia by coach/car, he didn't fly to anywhere. base on this request, i'm looking at HK. he's much magnetized by HK dramas/movies that he must visit Yau Ma Teh Police Stn, Ladies/Temple St, Ocean Pk & Macau. he feels early planning is risky as no one knows the nearer happening. that's quite tough. we're still planning.

well before you travel oversea, make sure you know what kind of activity you want. do expect the unexpected & enjoy the Cultural Shock. 

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