Sunday, July 17, 2016

7th Month 2017

this year 7th Month or more commonly known as Ghost Month in Taoism is from Aug 22 to Sep 19. If you're not a Taoist or Chinese Free Thinker, you need not offer Things to the Ghosts.

will not go through the whole list of Dos & Donts that many are already aware of. show some interesting, lesser known but VIP ones.

1. Don't let your new property vacant during the 7th Month! Get renovation started before or during the period. Some Naughty Ghosts will try not to return to Hell after the holidays. Your empty property is the best place to hide. Once They succeed, They become PR, & you tenant! They'll haunt you daily, & will chase you out!

2. Although one doesn't get married in 7th Month, it's perfectly all right to pick Auspicious Wedding Date.

3. Some "Good Ones" will be granted Early Release to enjoy the Month Long Holiday. They'll be here a few days before Aug 22. By Sep 19 midnight, They're expected to return to where They belong but some "Bad Ones" will go AWOL. Then the Hell Guards, Ox Head & Horse Face, will come to look for the "Lost Ones". If your luck is very low, Don't Go Out especially in the Night that often for the Guards might mistaken your identity!

4. Now Getai is trendy. The 1st row of seats is meant for Them. Don't be too happy to see empty seat!

5. You can book your Dream Car but Never Collect it in the 7th Month. Funny Accidents happen!

6. In Buddhism, it's the Buddha Happy Month. In some countries, one will invite Reverend to stay in his home for the festival. Lunar 7th Month 30th Day is Lord Ksitigarbha's Birthday,

Share some Unbelievable Happenings during the 7th Month:

a. accidentally a little girl stepped on some offerings. from then on her growth was limited, & she often cried & screamed. medical & religious help failed. when she passed off at 20+, her look was only a teen!

b. every year, his boss grants him 1 month leave to stay at home. for once he steps on the street, he could see "Things"! And he'll scold & fight them! he's sent for mental checkup but it proved negative. 

c. a young chinese couple married, after their banquet checked into their bridal suite. about midnight, group of footsteps noise was heard at the corridor. the noise marched into the couple's room! the bride can't move at all, can't talk, only her eyes could roll! the groom didn't know what to do. the noise went round the room including the ceiling. such sound effect lasted for about 4 hrs! no shape or white smoke was seen. the couple checked out straight without enjoying their hotel breakfast.

d. late night, one drunkard not only urinated near a coffee shop's 7th mth altar, he stole offerings too! shortly he became dumb! after many days of apologized praying & bringing new fruits to the altar, he managed to recover. 


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