Thursday, July 7, 2016

Respect God & Ancestor

Tong found it troublesome to offer joss to his ancestor tablet & goddess of mercy at his home altar after his mom passed off some years earlier. He felt all religious & chinese festivals a burden!

When his new HDB 3-room flat arrived, using the excuse of a small unit, he convinced his wife to transfer the ancestor tablet & goddess to a temple. They didn't pick the right date!

Without picking auspicious date & geomancy, they moved into the new flat. A few months later, Tong who never smoke or drink collapsed one day! He's rushed to hospital & put in ICU. The doctors could not identify his illness.

At such desperate moment, a relative suggested to his wife to seek Divination Lot at a famous Goddess of Mercy temple. The caretaker at the temple after studying the Divination explained that " The Ancestors were unsettled & unhappy. Seek Religious Blessing......"

Without delay, Mrs Tong went to 2 temples to seek Forgiveness from 2 ancestors tablets. The one at their home was to honour Tong's parents. It's transferred to temple A. The one in temple B belonged to Tong's grandparents & great grandparents. It's was there since Tong's parents was alive.

Tong should have place all ancestors in the same place. His manner & communication skill were very poor with all. Certainly he didn't explain properly to the ancestors about his shifting & arrangement.

Mrs Tong also went to another temple to pray to the Kuan Yin who's sheltered there after the Tongs felt troublesome & need no God.

After all that were done, unbelievably, Tong was out of ICU & eventually discharged. He now rests at home. Too weak to work. Hope he'll think better during this long rest period. Also hope he'll change his hot temper & weird character.

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