Saturday, June 8, 2013

2nd Hand Ok or Not?

'I'll Slap Him!' said Wendy the unofficial matchmaker when i showed her a condition a late 20 something friend's condition that his wife-to-be must be a Virgin! the late great actress Elizabeth Taylor remarried about 7 times, twice she married the same man, the great actor Richard Burton. big star of the 70s Zhen Zhen divorced Nicholas Tze's dad Patrick & married taiwan icon Liu Jia Chang!

property in the Resale Market is very common worldwide. you can choose the location u want esp for hdb estate. more importantly fast! many of my clients go for the land & not the house for they can build their Dream Mansion! a client threw in 300k to renovate his new Sentosa Cove apt! just wanted the way he wanted his home to look like.

in recent years 2nd hand Watch Market makes big entry. just like Car, once it leaves the showroom, your new love easily depreciate by 20%! a watch lover pal recommends that why not get an Unworn or Brand New piece from a 2nd hand watch shop! so much cheaper. he owns an unworn white gold classic Blancpain 5k for daily wear; the used 31k Patek Philippe Complication for special occasion; & recently bought a 5 years old Rolex Sea Deweller for 6k just to keep. he can afford brand new ones but chose to save some $! from the 70s till now he has many watches. well if u are into Vintage then can only scout in the resale market.

70k for a licence to buy a car & have to see whether u can get the paper for that month or not before u can get a car in s'pore! so to avoid the wait & the crazy price many car lovers go for the 2nd hand car.

quite common for the resale property, watch & car if u get it at the right timing, u can make a good profit!
2nd hand luxury handbags, gold & jewellery are getting common too.

garments unless previously owned by celebrities otherwise not a big resale market at least in s'pore.

1st or 2nd hand it's your choice. most importantly u must enjoy it!

Happy Saturday. 8/6/13, 10.48am.

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