Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Grand Palace Bangkok

june 21 to 25 i went bangkok with the plan to visit The Grand Palace. not my 1st trip to the Land of Smiles but my 1st to this vast property, 218,000 sqm, with 35 blocks! built by King Rama I in 1782. did my research & realised that there's strict dress code to follow. should u dressed wrongly, they'll loan u the right ones foc! entrance fee applicable at a whopping 500 thai baht per person, ie about S$20!

to avoid the crowd, i picked monday but to my surprise it's full of group tours, & it's a hot day. started the day with 2 interesting taxi drivers. i boarded the 1st one outside Palladium Mall off Pratunam. the middle-aged man told me to go across the road for where i was were go out of bangkok! nice & kind of him of not cheating! at the right road came a young taxi driver. at first he didn't understand when i said Grand Palace in english. he did when i said Wat Pak Keow! haha the night before i asked the Starbucks staff how to say it in Thai, they even wrote for me in Thai language. they deserved my patronage for 3 nights! the taxi meter showed 75 thbt, i gave him 100 note, Smilingly wide he said Thank You! 'Change' i responded! he returned 20 note! i felt ok. 

in addition to the tickets, i was given a Map literature of The Grand Palace, The World's Largest Golden Teakwood Mansion, Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, The Royal Monastery of the Emerald Buddha, etc.
Signs along the way wasn't cleared! No photography at the Emerald Buddha Monastery & Hat/Cap has to be taken off! 

many buildings & statues were made of Gold & Gemstones! Designs are one of a kind! not surprise that it attracted many visitors, also visitors were go all the way with unexpected poise! 

my wish was fulfilled. i've visited The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand. will i go again? maybe.
Happy Holidays. 26/6/13, 6.55pm.

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