Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home II Good Bad Ugly

freehold pty in king albert pk is a dream come true! Jardin made it with many top schools. although road structure isnt shown,such's still a great attractive buy! let the Master solve the problem if any.

Archipelago nature revealed, wat a name! many green & face reservoir but the cross road will cause damage! moreover it's 99 yrs & face a poly thus not too ideal for gambling luck seekers! 

 freehold has nature, convenience, education & retail. natura @ hillview almost looks like a A class buy but its design spoil the soup! too sharp & congested. Qi cant move around freely!

you live in Geylang the red light dist! Smart Aljunied is near to mrt, shops, & plenty to eat. moreover it's freehold. well if you dont mind many women & men of diff nations hanging around your area, it maybe a cheap buy. interestingly the advt on april's fool day, suntimes, shows alot......

freehold Bliss @ kovan looks good if the illegal hookers & health centres can be under control! 

if you think 99 yrs is good enough, this 6 blk Thomson Grand Novel looks ok (less road structure) with view of golf course, reservoir, park & nature reserve. higher the floor the better folks! 

$1.11m for a 635sqf 1 bedrm unit, 99 yrs!!! Siao! artistic yes. feng shui Questionable! hard n tough to "Climb Up"! Steep Angle easy to "Fall"! Flat Top good for "Jumping"!  lack Solid Feel! road & environmental structure not clear. bishan once was graveyard.  

Water is impt n vital. often water view is the ideal choice BUT its shape n flow matters v much! this river bend in Sky Platios shoots like an Arrow. together with the nearby straight road, it forms Bow n Arrow!!! although the design blends with the curve, it says Come Shoot Me!!! 

triangular shape is called Panties in geomancy. Pasirrisone actually have land of nice bend n curve BUT is disturbed by the Panties road n land form!!! exam it carefully n ask yourself where r the legs n so on? see whether u know the property is built on which body parts. happy viewing, thinking but no cheeky minds!

Katong & Freehold really help ease this open legs, tomb or graveyard lookalike property!

Sandwiches. Pool is never better than the natural Sea. middle block least to be chosen. 

Imagine n Think Wild folks! clearly 3 pairs of Women's Legs! & what's that patch between cardiff grove n boundary rd? it might be your home at that Point! old cantonese aunt will scream: CHOY!!! 


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