Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Religion & Feng Shui

Mun a successful businessman recently had the biggest 4D win of $4k just 1 week b4 he left for temple visit in bangkok. he spent all the winnings + extra $ in bkk by donating to all donation boxes, monks, & rituals in the 8 temples all over bkk. $ oso went to f & b in restaurants, & decent massages. shopping was minimum. 

Mun learnt Thai Buddhism many years ago. whenever he needs such religion help, a Lum will come. Lum organises such activities. last year the altar at Mun's office gave way! Lum & i were called in. in this decade Mun has yet to visit thailand. 2 mths ago he'd this wish to visit bkk for religious reason. 1 day Lum ph Mun & told him that he came to his dream. Lum disclosed that he were be organising a Temple Visit trip for a large group of 40 over pax. will travel by cathay pacific & stay in budget chinatown hotel. cost about S$600. cost of coach bus & food in bkk will be shared. 5D 4N.

Mun went for Flower Bath. it's a mass ritual conducted by thai monks. water will pour from your head in public. toilets were there 4u to dry up & get changed.  

Mun felt that his business was better b4 the visit. after the visit business was actually slower. & the strange happening was.... a lady neighbour came to his office.... told him that the Thai Buddhism drawing on his office door lacked power.... Qi in his premises no good.... she learnt Thai Buddhism long long ago... down on luck for the last 15 years...... advised him to go for Flower Bath (which he already did) coz his forehead was dark.... gave him a bottle of holy water trusted 2b blessed by thai monks long ago... told him to bath with it....

i was called in due to the above happening. no bad Qi. only the pair of thai elephants in his office wasn't in line. no empty shelf is desirable. we conclude that that lady neighbour was mildly mentally unstable &/or had a secret liking for Mun. Mun long threw that holy water away afraid that he might be under the spell of that lady if used or even put in his office!

Mun liked many others use both Religion & Geomancy hoping to get the Best. the question is which 1 is better or working? Feng Shui is an Environmental Science. basically it's about the balance of energy of the humans & surroundings. Religion is a way of life in general. Lord Buddha advised that Don't go against Nature!

i feel that Religion in addition to some rituals teach 1 2b good. Geomancy causes 1 to live right. in these 20 over years i've seen many religious people are not enjoying their lives until feng shui was used. vice versa many non religious people after using feng shui found their faith! about 80% of my clients are Christians of which Catholic formed the biggest group. 5% is free thinker. remaining are of other religions.


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