Monday, March 19, 2012

Bangkok Ecotel Jetstar

my biggest achievement this bkk trip mar 16-19 is the unintentional buy of a dream bag, black solid Croc skin brief case. although it costed a Big 5-figure thbt, the satisfaction is infinity! luv leather stuff since young. it's from Jinfulin leathergoods pld in silom plaza. heard of this co some yrs ago. it's a big name in thai.

didnt know tat changi airport T1 was built in 1981. it's s'porean's pride & honour. cheers!

my virgin try with jetstar was quite a shock! it sms me at 7am said 11.30am flight retime to 1.30pm! it flew only at 2.15pm! a friend ever said such is common to budget airline. took 1/2 hr to chk out. local said normal. sometimes 2 hrs! by the time i chk in to hotel was 5pm. my schedule was altered. many prefer jetstar but i dont see the diff with other budget airlines. the smiling face of a particular air stewardess on the return trip made my day. 
deeply impressed by this european design The Ecotel Bangkok Hotel during my oct trip. this time stayed in.

its interior is classic. quite surprise 2c the antique mop chinese old wood furniture at the lobby. wow!

the room was well furnished with all the basic items. guess as good as its neighbouring giants Ramada & Bkk Palace. particularly like its Smoking Area. when smokers come, its lights will auto on! also impressed by a touch-screen feature in the room! maybe i ain't IT smart.

Massage is a Big Thing in Thai. 3/5 of this road is massage salon. its mkt rate is S$6 an hr for foot massage. S$10 an hr for body massage. some strictly no xtra svc. 1 shop advt: 4 Hands Body Massage!!!! 

next Big thing is Thai Food. i go for simple local f & b to get the true good taste. 
crab meat fried rice + water S$2.50.

 mbk night market area

green curry chicken bee hoon, water + freshly brewed kopi S$4.50. ecotel hotel area.

fishball bee hoon + water S$1.70. hotel area.

tom yam gong, rice + water S$1.70. opp pratunam.

mixed veg with prawn & egg + water S$5.00.
sea food restaurant near hotel.

thai sweet coffee. S$0.40cts.

thai freshly brewed thick coffee S$1.50.

 nice cool coffee & smoke after shampoo & blow dry job S$4.00

bird's nest (blood swallow) at a speciality shop in a shopping mall S$8.00.

following will show some interesting happenings: enjoy. if you wish, LOL.

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