Sunday, March 11, 2012


Watch Collection w/o a SEIKO is incomplete. the revolution (Quartz) it caused in the earlier years of watch industry controlled by the Swiss was unbelievable! it swept many swiss brands off the market or merge! most middle-age pple were surely have or still owning a Seiko! my mid-30s good fr andrew wears a beautiful sporty Seiko.  

today sun, mar 11, 2012, lunar 2nd mth 19th day: Goddess of Mercy Birthday, i happened to visit parkway parade. as usual dropped by to a fav watch shop. some Seiko Limited & Collectable Editions caught my eyes! 

so this's it. a Seiko 130th Anniversary Limited Edition World Time! Rose Gold Plated. Black PVD Bracelet. 40mm. i'm very pleased with today's collection especially on a Holy Day. my other collection can be found in older post What's the Time. happy admiring!

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