Sunday, March 7, 2010


in today zaobao's headline abt jack neo n fatal attraction... earlier on his staff marcus chan oso kanan!!! tis means his co is affected by False Romance!!! possibly their homes too. usually due to Cross Road; wrong placement of Bed, Vase & Water Element. both r 'Old Ox Eat Young Grass'. i'm not their fan. jack neo cheated on his family, girls & audience. wolf in sheep skin. he shld offer Public Apology! & his public svc award shld b removed.

each year a male zodiac sign is affected by
False Romance Star. in 2010, mr Rabbit pse beware of any opp sex except ur granny, mum, wife, n sis. any girl will seem very friendly n attractive. ur x might even appear! for once u tot u r Chow Yuen Fatt or Brad Pitt. once involved will cause u fame n fortune disaster!! tiger wood, bill clinton, jackie chan r best eg. tis year False Romance Star in North-East, eg China.

put a rooster (not hen) figurine &/or hulu by his bed. rooster will prick the affair. hulu will lock the 'fox spirit'. he can oso wear it.

i dun encourage 1 nite stand coz tat's the start of more nite stands. if u cant tahan den go geylang. hmmm, geylang used to hv girl every 2 feet
, now 2 mile oso cant c 1. shld 1 thank the law?

female zodiac sign dun hv False Romance Star. they only kannan swindle of body & money.

Romance Area whether true or false is base on one's dob & the cardinal pts of the property. it's forever. so folks take care n dun play play!

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