Friday, March 26, 2010

Fortune Flower 2

i've a pair of 20+ yrs old Desert Rose. now mature n live in large pot of height 38cm x diameter 41cm. recently the roots of 1 plant surfaced n it coincides w d craze of bonsai DR. it prompted me to do crazy thing! 

yesterday was an auspicious day to do planting. spent 2 hrs to slowly remove d wet soil. found some unusual clay-rocks! its base was large like giant white carrot with thick roots tat looked like ginseng!

as an amateur or beginner, i daren't transform it to be bonsai outright by putting in shallow pot. merely lifted it up, exposed the trunk n roots (jus like low-cut, mini-shorts). spent an hr putting it to the desirable look.

3 hrs of hard work. good exercise, n direct contact w nature equal Satisfaction. tis kind of man n flower affair is certainly better den tat type of men n flowers affairs!

Happy Fortune Folks. haha if u happen to like my plants, offer me a price lor. 

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