Monday, February 8, 2010


48 acres factory started 5 yrs ago faced all sorts of problems! main cause: facing not compatible w owner, & he sat wrong position! shld hv checked b4 purchased! after putting him in the right seat, immediately he felt the comfort. in due course things will be much better.
tis made my trip to luzhou sichuan china very fruitful although walked daily around d factory in 5 deg C!!!
luzhou isnt a big city compared to chengdu or zhongqin but surely growing. the cheapest local brand toilet seater set is S$300. dept store stuff r costly. many condos r on d way. other things r still cheap, eg wash n cut in a hi-end hair salon costed me RMB $25 only.
witnessed true drinking culture. in a 2 hrs 10 course dinner, we drank 2 bottles of chinese wine n 2 bottles of red wine! women r good drinkers 2.
their cny decor starts late. searched many pl for cny cards but nil.
will i feng shui agn in foreign lands under all kinds of climates? Yes, to make a Better U.

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