Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ping-Pong Ball & Geomancy

when i stepped into this shop, was amazed by the table tennis ball put on each table! the boss told me it's the advice of the feng shui lady she engaged 6 months ago! no reason was given. mind you, that's not a sports shop.

quite common to place lion, kirin, pixiu, crystal or fountain but ping-pong! first time in my almost 3 decades of geomancy.

the boss told me she didn't see result after 6 months but saw result from her neighbour's shop who consulted me about 3 months ago. 

well, the lady also advised them to put mirror & certain animals. surprised that she didn't mention about their sitting positions & colours which are fundamental! 

i conclude that there isn't a valid reason to use ping-pong ball for feng shui. they can choose to keep the balls or leave them there to support our nation's top game.


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