Friday, June 19, 2015

False Romance Star

some men or women are born with False Romance Star. from young till old, they've lots of opposite sex's attraction. lust more than real love! it wouldn't stop even after marriage. such cause the spouse much worries.

one of the lesser known but effective way is to place a Rooster not hen by one's bedside &/or faces the main door or window. the fierce cock will attack any intruder. it's always believes that Wood made has the most power. Pic is a 24 x 14 cm Wood Rooster. $300. New. Interested can contact me.

annually one zodiac male will be involved with False Romance Star. for 2015 it's Mr Rat. other than your wife & family members, stay off all other women! once an affair started will cause you misfortune eventually. 

there isn't annual false romance star for woman. only once in a while Cheat Your Body & Money Star will appear! for 2015 it's Ms Hen or Chick. other than your hubby & family members, all men are cheaters. 

Rooster should work for any types of False Romance.

19/6/15, 1.50pm

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