Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Wedding 1986

sep 5, lunar 8th mth 2nd day. w/o tis there wouldnt b Silver Wedding, c pg below. n my dream wouldnt b fulfilled! some said i'm still in party mood. well...yam sheng! cheers! to my best memory.....

a small restaurant was chosen not coz of budget. it can fit in 20 tables nicely. hotel wasnt tat popular in those days esp their food. main reason i shy abt march in, all stand up...... who knows the restaurant capt told us to go out, she closed the main door. march in music was played, the door was pushed open, n the bride n groom marched in w all stood up!!! tat wasnt planned at all! drinking was a big thing then. free cigarettes by the host was a must. although the groom's side provided beer n hard liquor, my kind late father-in-law brought carlsberg. wine wasnt heard of. my kind 4th uncle n family gave $2000 angpow. the banquet cost was abt $230 per table. my mum who know good food picked the improved menu. the basic menu was $200. lots of yam shengs. as i disliked to go on stage, gd tat restaurant didnt hv a stage, we went table to table to toast. buddy steven got me to drink a glass of stout. mine's actually beer. drinking isnt an issue! 

for the big day, a new pair of glasses rodenstock & new watch givenchy were done. for the day, i wore a red tie to match the white suit. a pink tie for the dark suit for the nite. all items r still around. for her the famous glomesh evening bag.

my 1st cousins sponsored my evening dark coloured suit. day white suit was part of the bridal shop's package. bright at serangoon belonged to my cousin's classmate. they gave a good deal. cousin felix acted as chauffeur cum bestman in their family's benz. cousin jimmy in his cordial car was oso bestman. gd fr peter in his benz oso bestman. another gd bestman andy came to stay overnite b4 d big day. in d afternn they helped to carry the roasted pig wich weighed no less den 30kgs. cantonese a must w roasted pig.

grand-aunt yoke sim, my late granny's buddy sis, came fm sereban, malaysia, to assist. she's surely a great help in all functions. cousin loke helped to ensure the banquet went on smoothly. my late 4th aunt who in a way encouraged the wedding ensured her kids helped fully. 

over d next few days several parties in my flat were held for my teaching colleagues n students. i was their 'favourite' art teacher. some lady colleagues n students told me tat they're heartbroken! heng ah! no male told me tat! 

for our honeymoon we went to cameron highland n genting. stayed in d in-thing of tat era strawberry park resort. after nice breakfast, we're given little baskets to pick strawberries. wow isnt tat romantic! in d evening there was floorshow. lucky we met tis v nice tour members. he helped us to photograph coz we forgotten to bring the camera stand. genting was a cool place. 

i managed to save $10k in a year for the Wedding 25 years ago! 

envy me but dun be jealous. marriage can be several times but Silver Wedding probably only once in a life time. give & take. pamper your spouse alittle. life would be so much sweeter! am i tired? certainly, i'm no longer the young man 25 years ago but i can feel that my romanctic sentiments increase daily.

Happy Romance Folks!  

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